You Can Do it (Yes you can!)…Trying Out for the San Francisco 49ers

You Can Do it (Yes you can!)…trying out for the san francisco 49ers might seem intimidating but the team here at San Jose Dancewear is here to help give you the best advice to help you succeed.

cheerleader tryouts
Cheerleader Tryout Outfits


Ready…okay! Want to cheer, want to scream? For none but the home team? Then read on and find out what you can do before your next cheerleader tryout!

The San Francisco 49ers are widely renowned as a professional organization, but also for their cheerleaders. While some may think it easy to become a cheerleader, there is actually a lot involved in the process.

cheerleader tryouts
Cheerleader Tryout Costumes


One of the biggest things to worry about is that it’s extremely important to attend all practices and get a feel for the moves that you want to perform at your tryout. Feel free to watch past videos of the San Francisco 49ers cheerleader team and try to mimic what they’re doing. Once you’re able to keep up and be comfortable with all of the moves, then you will know you’re ready for the real thing!

Another thing that is looked for is that the prospective cheerleader is in good physical condition, able to withstand a great deal of demanding physical activity while looking great and keeping that smile on for the entire time. This will take years of practice and hard work but if you are determined and committed to succeed, then their is no stopping you!

The most important part of cheerleader tryouts is to look the part! Come visit San Jose Dancewear today to check out our many different cheerleader outfits that would be perfect for your next tryout!


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