93rd Annual City of Palo Alto May Fête Children’s Parade – May 2nd

Join us in our support of the 93rd Annual City of Palo Alto May Fête Children’s Parade on Saturday, May 2nd in downtown Palo Alto on University Avenue.

Palo Alto Parade


The parade has a message near and dear to the hearts of many — put an end to bullying. The May Fête committee is encouraging children to be unique, to be free, and to be themselves. The committee also helps teach children and teens how to accept others for what they are and how not to alienate people. The goal of the parade is to get the community one step closer to acceptance for all different types of classes, races, genders, looks, lifestyles, beliefs, preferences, and everything that makes a person beautifully unique.

The theme of this year is UFO for the acronym unique, free, yOu. Floats will be embracing this theme with fun space creations and surely some aliens. Guests are encouraged to join in the fun and festivities by taking part in the parade and dressing up along with the theme. Don’t forget to stop by one of our locations in San Jose, Santa Cruz, or Marin to get some green tights or fun makeup for an alien costume!

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