Don’t Forget to Check Out Santa Cruz’s National Dance Week – Coming Soon!

It’s that time of year again, time to celebrate Santa Cruz National Dance Week, and they still need talented dancers to help out! Don’t hesitate to apply today and be part of something special and fun.


Santa Cruz Dance Week


There are many fun events to participate in this year, including a variety of open classes, Dancing in the Streets, and Dance in Unlikely Places. Hundreds of dancers will join together to celebrate cultural dancing and music in one amazing night. Or be part of hundreds of pop-up dances across the country featured in Dance in Unlikely Places, whether it’s the post office, park, restaurant, or even work, you could be featured in this silly event!

Of course if you’re more interested in learning more about dance, getting one on one time with experts, or just trying something new, there are a variety of classes that will be available along with the rest of the festivities, including ballet, hip-hop, and African dancing among many other styles.

Don’t go empty handed, though! Be sure to stop by Santa Cruz Dancewear to pick up fresh leotards, dance shoes, theatrical makeup, and costume jewelry for whatever you decide to participate in!

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