Watch Out Santa, Here Comes Sexy Mrs. Claus

A few days ago we posted about our wonderful Mrs. Claus Costume, a wholesome costume appropriate for any event. Today San Jose Dancewear wants to let you in on another side of Mrs. Claus many don’t see: Sexy Mrs. Claus. This costume is, needless to say, very sexy. It’s perfect for a surprise at home, an adult party, or to wear to work if you are a performer or server in a bar.

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Sexy Mrs. Claus Costume


So what’s the big difference between our Mrs. Claus costume and our sexy Mrs. Claus costume? Both have the red dress and hat, but they fit much differently. In the sexy costume the dress hugs your curves, has a plunging neck line, and is short enough to drive Santa crazy…

You can make even the sexiest costumes a bit sexier with the right accessories, so don’t forget to ask one of our helpful staff members about thigh high stockings, heels, and makeup that will take your costume from sexy to flawless.

If sexy isn’t your style don’t forget to check out our standard Mrs. Claus costume, Santa Claus, elf outfits, or even a costume from the beloved Nutcracker. Stay tuned for more holiday cheer coming in a few days!

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