Mardi Gras Costumes to Kick-Off the Season in the Bay Area!

There’s nothing like a parade of colorful people and costumes traipsing down the street on Mardi Gras, step in to San Jose Dancewear and be one of those people!

Mardi Gras Costume


Celebrate the beginning of the blessed season by getting decked out in colorful dresses, beads, masks, feathers, and much more! You may not be able to purchase one of these delightfully flamboyant costumes, but don’t hesitate to stop by and see our rental options.

We have a number of fun masquerade-style masks to serve as the focal point of your costume, complete with standard colors, glitter, bling, feathers, and plenty more to stand out at your Mardi Gras party, parade, or performance.

We have purple, green, and gold EVERYTHING, from costumes, beads, and jewelry, to makeup, wigs, and tights so that you can give Mardi Gras all you’ve got! Nothing is off-limits for Mardi Gras so try something new, get creative, and take a risk. Become someone else this season with world class outfits, theatrical makeup, and accessories that make a difference.

Come by San Jose Dancewear, and our helpful staff will set you up with the best costumes in the Bay Area.

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