Family-Fun Easter Activities, Easter Bunny Costumes, and much more!

Swing by San Jose Dancewear and pick up an Easter Bunny Costume. Buy or Rent. Kick off your holiday filled with family fun Easter activities that will have the kids laughing! There are endless activities that will delight the whole group and we want to share them from our family to yours to celebrate Easter this season.


Easter Bunny Costume


– Easter egg hunt: Hide dyed eggs, plastic eggs, candy eggs, or whatever type of eggs fits your needs and have the Easter Bunny run around with the kids, helping them look in some of the more difficult places.

– Make bunny ears: with pink and white construction paper, glue, scissors, and a stapler, your family can make bunny ears to match the Easter Bunny!

-Follow the bunny!: A great way to get the whole family active on Easter is to have everyone play follow the leader with the Easter Bunny. The Easter Bunny may even stop to nibble on some rabbit food (carrots and celery) which would be a fun way for kids to eat vegetables.

– Mr. Bunny Head: For each player, cut out 2 bunny ears, two eyes, one head shape, a nose, a mouth, and a bow tie. Assign each piece a number from 1-6 and each player rolls a die to see which parts they can add to their bunny head. The first person to make a complete head wins!

Book your costume before the rush at San Jose Dancewear and have a great Easter with your honey bunnies.


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