Get Your Gladiator and Roman Costumes at San Jose Dancewear!

Sometimes it can be hard to get men to put on a costume, but even they will feel cool in the gladiator and roman costumes we have at SJ Dancewear!

Superhero costumes are great, but a lot of adult men feel too young in them, gladiator costumes are the perfect alternative for a great outfit. Men can sport these costumes in Halloween parties, wear the outfits as uniforms for special events and companies, attend Renaissance Faires, or even sparring events. Don’t forget that our policy is to make life easier for you, which is why we rent our costumes as well as sell them.

Roman Costume
Gladiator Costume

Roman costumes include floor length togas with sashes, a crown of leaves a la Julius Caesar, and thin sandals. It is a simple costume, but very impressive. Gladiator costumes include strappy sandals with knee-high leather, leather cuffs, a pleated leather ensemble, a full cape, and a helmet adorned with classic gladiator bristles.

Don’t forget the accessories! San Jose Dancewear has costume swords, belts, and wigs to complete your outfit. Add props such as a book to the roman costume to top it all off. Check out our Facebook page or come see us for more costume tips!


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