Avoid a Costume Crisis with a Complete Dance Competition Checklist

Glitter, powder, and hairspray are in the air as you rummage through dance tights looking for one without a run in it. You toss costumes, tights, and shoes aside in a frenzy as you realize that you didn’t pickup an extra pair in tan! Don’t let yourself get into this situation, let San Jose Dancewear walk you through a checklist for dance competitions so you never find yourself in this situation.


Ballet Dance Competition



Nothing will stand out more than someone who doesn’t match the other dancers! Make sure you stop by San Jose Dancewear to get the following:

– Main costume

РSpare tights in colors to match each costume

– Undergarments (leotards, sports bras, etc.)

– A travel sewing kit, double sided tape, and super glue

– Clear and tan bra straps

– Stain remover

– Shoe polish to match all show colors


– Hair spray, gel, mouse, etc.

– Hair costume jewelry (and extras!)

– Bobby pins

-Hair glitter

– Blow dryer, straightener, crimper, curler, etc.


– foundation, powder, blush, lip color, lip gloss, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara

– makeup brushes, makeup combs, sponges, false lashes, eye lash glue etc.

– tweezers

– Q-tips and cotton balls

Don’t pull your hair out just yet, stop by San Jose Dancewear and let us set you up with all the dance competition necessities!

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