Know your festival: Ultra

Ultra is like Electric Daisy Carnival, but in Miami. Is it even possible to be any better than that, because we really aren’t sure that it is.

What do I need to know about Ultra?

Ultra has been running full-on since 2009 (although the first festivals were earlier than that) and is a pretty all-out festival showing the best that EDM has to offer. Rather than being a predominantly house-y sort of scene, ultra has a lot

What’s the vibe?

Bro, it’s Miami. Do we need to tell you what the vibe is? Really?


Ok, I guess.

It’s a beach party (but totally not on a beach, idk why though). Expect sun, banging tunes and a roundly amazing time to be had by all. We’d tell you more, but to be honest, how much more selling does an event like Ultra need? Back your bikini, your shorts and a sensible hat (because it’s sunny!) and then lose it out on the floor. It’ll be perfect, we promise.

Ravepartywear suggests:

Like, dude, it’s a beach party, in Miami. We probably don’t need to do this part, but we have so much cute stuff, that would be perfect for this, so I guess we’ll do it anyway.

Look at these. It’s ohmygod, like perfect.

So are these amazing bikinis, which will be all eyes on you, and not the DJ.

Just in case we haven’t made our point well enough, check these out. We got ya back, fam.

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