Get that look: Dubstep

Sometimes, EDM isn’t about banging beats and shiny lights or cute fox onesies. I mean, it’s ALWAYS about banging beats and shiny lights, but you gotta dress a bit different, you feel?

But don’t worry, as ever, Ravepartywear is here to be your guide on how to get the right look for that next underground dance event. Today, we’re going to take a look at Dubstep, and how to look half trash, half goth and a pinch of glam all thrown together.

Turns out, it’s not as hard as you’d think.

If you get really stuck, you legit cannot go wrong with a hoodie. Dubstep has its roots in hard rock music (thanks, Skrillex) and those brothers love hoodies. Seriously, they’re like rock music meth. So start there.

Match it up to some sick leggings (skeletons are god, not a typo, because if you’re looking for a nice, dark vibe, death is a pretty good start), because while you can’t go wrong with showing some skin (team booty reprazent), sometimes, you want to make a statement, you know? Steampunk is also a solid vibe

Boys, if you’re still reading, throw on a hoodie and some dark jeans, that should do the trick real good.

Top it off with a healthy dose of accessorising. A mask is a pretty decent start. A statement belt has always been a good move in the rock scene too, so we’re pretty sure we’ve got your back there.

Lastly, remember to headbang like you belong, and have fun!

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