Professional Pointe Shoes and Expert Advice on Where to Find the Best

Whether you’re just starting your first pointe class or you have dreams of being a Prima Ballerina, you know how important the right pointe shoes are.


Ballerina in Pointe Shoes


You work hard in every class and in your free time to train your muscles, practice technique, and work on making difficult moves seem effortless, let us worry about making sure your shoes are working just as hard. At San Jose Dancewear, we carry a variety of pointe shoes from expert vendors such as Capezio, Bloch, Grishko,and Freed to make sure you get the perfect fit to suit your needs.

Pointe shoes are more important to a ballerina than any other wardrobe relationship another type of dancer may have. Pointe shoes dictate balance, provide ease for a ballerina to gracefully roll up onto her toes, and help her control her movement as she rolls back down.


Pointe Shoes


By choosing San Jose Dancewear for your pointe shoe needs, you can spend more time perfecting your technique and let us worry about providing the perfect shoe. With quality products, customer service, and experience, we can provide tips on how to avoid having to burn, bend, and beatup your shoes to make them work for you. So come see us, and we’ll have you on your toes in no time!

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