5 Simple and Important Tips to Help Dancers Through a Competition

You’ve put yourself through hours of practice, and it’s finally the big day, now’s the time to take a look at 5 tips San Jose Dancewear put together to help dancers kick butt during their next dance competition.

1. Don’t let facing the judges get to you! Judges are typically former dancers or choreographers and they appreciate dancers who make eye contact, smile, and dance for them with confidence.


Dance Competition Judges


2. Practice actually does make perfect! The more you practice, the less you have to think about your movements in times of stress. Instead of buckling under the pointed stares of the judges, you will float effortlessly across the stage as your body takes over and your practice pays off.

3. Don’t skip the warm up, stretching your muscles not only helps calm nerves, but it makes your muscles more pliable so there’s less chance you’ll suffer an injury in the middle of your routine.

4. Say “cheese!” Dancers have to act with their faces as much as with their bodies. If you’re face is grim with effort, each of your movements will look a little more forced. Smile, use your eyes, and show them that you want to be there!

5. Choreography that highlights abilities and challenges dancers with difficulty provides a nice balance of beautiful technique and impressive tricks. Great choreography could be just what you need to go from good to great.

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