What You Should Know About the Complexities of Competitive Dance

American Idol…So You Think You Can Dance…Dancing With The Stars… here are some things you should know about the complexities of competitive dance.

competitive dance
Competitive Dance Costumes


Everything you would see on these shows usually falls under the category of competitive dance. A group of people (or a single person) perform a choreography from a self-selected dance category, and they perform it before a group of judges. The song that the group (or person) dances to is a portion of the full song, and they are usually stopped about a minute or so into the song to receive comments and marks from the judges.

Now some judges may be a bit blunt, and tell it like it is…whether your dance routine was flawless or terribly flawed…but more judges than not tend to be nice about it, and they “let you down gently” if your dance routine had problems, or they may sing high praise if your routine was spectacular.

competitive dance
Competitive Dance Costumes


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One thing to also keep in mind is that the judges watch every move you make. Every twist, every twirl, and even every cock of the head, and their final mark also reflects how fluid you were.

There is a great deal of pressure when it comes to competitive dance, and if a competitor is told that their road to the end is at an end, you may be devastated by it but it’s important to keep your head up high and keep on practicing as next year, they might have a different answer for you.

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