Applying Theatrical Makeup – How to Look Your Best on Stage!

With dozens of people with their eyes on you, you want to make sure you look your best up there in the spotlight, and you can start by using the best makeup application techniques. San Jose Dancewear has professional performance makeup from vendors including Kryolan and Ben Nye that have been serving performers for years, helping them look their best and lending them the confidence they need.


Professional Theatrical Makeup



After you stop by and pick out your makeup, stick to the following steps to expertly apply the various products so that you stand out without over doing it.

1. Create a smooth, clean base for your makeup by washing and moisturizing your face and neck. Apply a colorless balm on your lips as well.

2. Apply foundation 2 shades darker than you normally wear to prevent your skin from looking washed out in the harsh spotlight.

3. Choose a pink or red blush and apply the powder to the apples of your cheeks (the round sections that appear when you smile your cheesiest smile!)

4. Use a natural eye shadow. Don’t use blues, greens, or purples unless required for character purposes.

5. Line the eyes with brown or black liner in a thin line along the eyelashes on the top lid, and from the center of the eyelashes to the outer corner of the eye on the bottom, apply mascara of the same color.

6. Be sure to use translucent powder to “set”the makeup. This will keep the makeup fresh for the whole performance.

Don’t settle for drugstore makeup, see San Jose Dancewear for the high quality, theatrical makeup fit for a star!

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