The 50’s costumes for Cinco de mayo

For the men and women in their 50’s, adult costumes provide a much more matured appearance, and they are quite fascinating and within budget range. There are lots of options to consider depending on your budget, although the best fascinating costumes go for higher prices. Some of the best 50’s costumes you can opt for include;

#1: The Deadman party shirt (for the men) – This shirt is not just for Cinco de mayo celebrations, it can also be worn at Halloween parties. The set include; the shirt plus a hat, and you can purchase a facial mask separately.

#2: The Serape costume (for men and women) – this is a stylish costume for the men and women especially older ones in their 50’s to 70’s. The costume has three major items, these are; the Serape, Sombrero, and the moustache (for men). Each will go for less than 20$ and that means you can purchase yours and that of your partner for less than $40. The chest measurement for the Serape costume can vary from 46 to 52 inches.

#3: The adult hottie hot sauce costume- this is another costume, especially designed for the men who want something that goes with some food, during the celebrations. The costume normally comes with a yellow jacket with a black pant, as well as a moustache. This costume is mostly available in Large and extra-large sizes only and it is quite affordable.

There are several other options you may want to consider when it comes to choosing a costume for the 50s.

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