Makeup kits for theater – we carry Ben Nye kits

For actors having quality theatrical makeup kits is of extreme importance because different characters that are played normally have different kinds of requirements related to makeup. It is more related to understanding that what kinds of roles you play often and the proper treatment, which is deserved by various characters. After all it’s not only your acting which counts but also costume and outlook.  You need a perfect theatrical makeup kit, which can make it easy for you to get transformed into the character that you will be playing.

The Ben Nye Kits are simply magnificent because they provide you the best assembly of makeup products with a variety of options and choices.  Coming towards their foundations there are three basic choices that are being offered and these are being mentioned below

  • Cake
  • Matte
  • Crème

Crème is easy to use and it blends easily at the same time.  If you want to go with matte, then its texture will be at its best when you will be under bright lights. Cake is soluble in water and you don’t have to apply powder to it for getting settled.

Try to find a shade that must be very close to your natural skin tone. Next try to get one that lighter than your natural color and after this take one that is a bit darker. This section will help you in getting perfect look for playing different characters.  In short, Ben Nye Kits are very handy and provide a great finish so you should try them.

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