20’s costumes for Cinco de mayo festivals

Teenagers and adults relish the opportunities of celebrating the Cinco de mayo festivals especially in Mexico and the United States of America, there are a number of fascinating costume ideas that can make the occasion even more colourful if you are in your 20’s , these costumes include the following;

#1: Tequila Dude Costume (for the men)- this is a wonderful costume for the men in their 20’s, it is colourful and very comfortable. A piece of this costume comprises of a separate top, 2 bandoliers, belt (alongside 2 bottle holsters), 8 shot glasses, and the Sombrero. The length measurement can be lower or higher than 31 ½ inches in length, while the chest measurement can be as much as 50 inches , depending on your choice- this costume can be purchased online. You can also get this costume for around $39.99 (less or more depending on where you buy it).

#2: The Women’s Tequila Princess Costume (for ladies in their 20s), is a fascinating dress especially for Cinco de mayo festival. The dress comes with a dress, scarf, mini sombrero, and a bottle holster. The chest size may vary between 30 and 32 inches, while the waist may vary between 24 and 45 inches. The length may also vary from 24-44 inches. This is one of the most classy and fascinating Cinco de mayo dresses for the ladies in their 20’s and it goes for around 55$ ( less or more, depending on where you are purchasing it).


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