Preparing makeup for dance competition

Having your makeup ready before a dance competition is very important.  You need to follow simple steps in order to achieve this;

Step #: Make use of a makeup brush because it blends the makeup much better on the face.

Step #2: Clean you face and pat it dry before you apply the foundation. Make use of cosmetic wedges when applying foundation in order to blend it perfectly into your skin. Make sure you apply from the bottom of your chin, right to the top of your neck.

Step #3: apply the eye shadow by applying the lightest colour below the eyebrow and then apply the thicker colour in-between, and make sure they are blended properly.

Step #4: work with your eye shadow, make sure you apply the liquid eyeliner to the topmost area of the eye, and close to the lashes, and then apply a thin layer of pencil to the bottom of your eye. Make sure the pencil line is not too thick at the bottom. Make sure you do not apply too much of these components.

Step #5: Apply the mascara to the lashes, and focus more on top lashes, while applying little to the bottom lashes. Make use of the eye lash comb to separate them.

Step #6: Blush the entire makeup by starting with the middle cheekbone, and then gently blush backwards. Make sure you use a big blush to blend the makeup perfectly into your skin and make it appear as natural as it can be.

Now you are ready for your dance competition.










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