The uniqueness of the rack & Roll competition bags

The Rack & Roll competition bag can be found in most dance competition bags as well as other competitions that are not related to dancing. These bags are unique in every way because of their special features that include;

  • A collapsible tripod rack that ensures that the bag opens and closes easily without much hassle,
  • They do come in different styles and they are more aesthetically appealing when compared with other competition bags such as duffel.
  • The fabric used in making the bags are very durable and can withstand all kinds of weather conditions as well as constant abuse or usage.
  • Large duffels can be difficult in certain situations, for instance, it can be difficult to get them out of the car, however, rack and roll bags are much more convenient and can be easily lifted from one place to another.
  • Rack and roll bags are sturdier than duffels, hence they last longer, and this may explain why they are slightly more expensive than other forms of bags.
  • There are no side pockets beside the rack and roll bags, however, it comes with different storage compartments inside, that is roomy enough to contain all materials you need for your competition.

If you want the best and most durable rack and roll competition bags. It is ideal to get your competition bags from reputable stores such as San Jose Dancewear or Marin Dancewear because of the quality of bags they supply.








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