Get that look: Synth Pop

“Silly Ravepartywear” you cry, “Synth pop isn’t EDM” but I don’t listen to you, and I keep telling you about how Synth pop is definitely EDM, and how you can get that synthpop look.

The best part is, it’s pretty easy, and really fun to look synthpop. I’m going to go out and assume that anyone reading this guide doesn’t have a penis (because seriously, do guys even read fashion guides for how to look synth pop? I doubt it). If you are a guy and you’re reading tho, Sorry brother, this probably isn’t the guide you want. Just wear a light colored sweater and some skinny jeans.But if you’re a totally bae, and you want to learn the fashion secrets of how to look cute af, then I got you.

First up, stay away from that whole ‘dark 80s’ vibe. This isn’t techno, and it’s happier times. Go for something super light and chill, because there are no worries in Synthpop world. It is a bubble. A light, airy bubble and nothing here can ever be bad.

So with that in mind, you can always just go for a ready made costume, as we’ve got some absolutely perfect choices. If you’re feeling more adventurous though, then try and pair things like this, which are loose and light, with things that are bolder and tighter, like, er, this. It’s a simple aethetic idea, but it works really well, and you can be getting down to those upbeat synths before you know it, and looking amazing too.

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