Know your festival: Tomorrowland

This is the best European festival, so if you’re thinking of flying away to somewhere sick, to have the party of a lifetime, you could do a whole lot worse that moving that ass over to Europe for a great time.

What do I need to know about Tomorrowland?

Obviously, you’re going to get all the big names that you’d expect to see back home in the US, but at the same time, you’re in Europe, the place where EDM was born, so you’re also going to get some old-school acts across the board as well.

It’s a real nice change from the similarity of a lot of the US festivals, but be warned, it normally sells out completely in MINUTES, so get those clicking fingers on point before you book, because it’s a fight to the death.

What’s the vibe?

Europe is colder than the US (that should be pretty obviously, but hey), and in Belgium, it rains a lot. That means you need to be prepared for anything (but isn’t life better when you’re wet?).

Otherwise, think of this a bit more like Electric Coachella in the mud. Because that’s what it is. Beats and bogs.

Ravepartywear suggests:

It’s going to be colder than most of you are used to, and it’s damn sure going to rain at some point, because Belgium is a bitch like that. That means you’re going to need to get creative. ALWAYS take a coat to Europe. Something to cover your legs is going to be a good idea as well. Take it from a European.

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