We can’t all be bass zombies in the Cali sunshine. If you and your besties are somewhere where it gets C O L D, then u gon need a jacket. We’ve got just the one. If your worried that you’re going to lose out on showing off by hiding under a coat, you are wrong af, because we’ve got something for everyone here.

We’ve got stuff with lights on, because legit, who doesn’t like stuff that glows in the dark? It’s cool and useful, and it’s warm. And it’s perfect for wearing to rave. Have we persuaded you yet?

We’ve got stuff with mf spikes on, because sometimes, looking kinky is life. Also, there is literally no one in the world who doesn’t love the color black. NOONE.

We’ve got stuff with, like, fur (totally not real fur tho, so don’t worry you guys that love animals and stuff). Better than normal fur, it’s RAVE COLORED fur, the literal best kind in the entire universe frfr.

It can be easy to misjudge the weather at any time (or think that because you’re going to be dancing so much you won’t get cold), but fam, think sensibly and make sure that you always take weather appropriate clothing (especially for the trip home). Also, you will look amazing, which is obviously the most important reason to buy a jacket, isn’t it.

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