Here Comes Peter Cottontail! Get Your Easter Bunny Costume Today!

Get in your Easter Bunny costume and have fun egg hunting time with your hunny bunnies.

Visit San Jose Dancewear to secure your Easter Bunny costume today.


Easter Bunny Costume


Our Easter Bunny costumes can be purchased, for a permanent addition to your costume wardrobe, or rented if you only need it for a single use. Some uses include seasonal school performances, family photo opportunities, church functions, Easter egg hunts, community Easter events, dance recitals, and much more!

Our costumes are first class quality so you can delight your family or audience with a crisp, white, fuzzy Easter Bunny that is soft to the touch and impressive with its tall floppy ears. Whether you need a set of ears, a full mascot body suit, a bunny tail, or just some professional makeup to add an adorable nose and whiskers to your face this Easter, we have exactly what you need. With a rental option, there’s no need to shell out hundreds of dollars so you can wear an Easter Bunny costume one day a year, we’re flexible and work with our customers’ lifestyles.

Don’t wait to get your Easter Bunny costume, visit San Jose Dancewear today to check out the many varieties of styles and sizes so you can find the perfect outfit for your needs!

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