Get that look: Techno

It would be quite pointless to tell you how to dress all traditional EDM-y, because I think that everyone here knows exactly what you need to do for that. Glitter, sparkles yadda yadda yadda.


Techno is the beautiful, dark, twisted fantasy cousin of EDM. That means, if you’re diving into techno for the first time, and you want to look like you belong, then you need to get all beautiful, dark, twisted fantasy yourself.


“But ravepartywear” I hear you cry “Isn’t techno like so 1990s? I don’t want to look like a reject from the Matrix”. I got you on that one. That’s a pretty dated look, but at the same time, you gotta follow style conventions, you know?

So the first, and most important rule here: BLACK IS YOUR FRIEND. That actually makes it easier, because while you don’t want to turn up looking like T’Challa, you do want to look, well, dark and edgy. But in a good way, not a 4chan sort of way.


So, let’s start off with the simplest, easiest way to look techno.


CATSUITS OMG CATSUITS. Mystique has always been one of the two tenets of techno music. So stay mysterious. Accessorise wisely. Take a mask. Maybe even throw in some devil wings, because you know, devils are shady.


The second tenet of techno music is too look futuristic. If you want to make that black pop, then throw in some liberal dashes of space-age silver. That should keep you covered.


Until next time!

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