1980’s Costumes: Why It Is What It Is Today

The 1980’s was a period of diversity when it came to fashion. Trends like exercise clothing, bright neon-colored clothing, punk rock outfits, and power suits were popularized during this era. The general public had icons like Madonna, Michael Jackson, Princess Diana, and Jane Fonda to look up to and steal style ideas from. However, where did all these vogues come from?

Although its roots originated from the 1960’s, it was only during the 70’s, and even more so the 80’s, that the exercise clothing trend became popular. The fitness craze played an important role in this. At that time, men and women alike were following fitness exercises in studious and televisions to improve their physical appearance and style of living. To let others know that they were into such a lifestyle, people began wearing their exercise clothes out even if they weren’t about to exercise, and the trend eventually caught on.

If those leg warmers and tracksuits weren’t enough catch someone’s attention, neon-colored clothes also became a thing back in the 80’s. Whose head wouldn’t turn if somebody saw a woman walking down the street wearing an oversized lime green and orange sweatshirt with yellow leggings and candy red shoes?

However, not everyone wanted to follow and conform to such a trend during those times. Punk rock became popular in the late 70’s and was further hyped during the 80’s. It was a form of rebellion and self-expression for those who didn’t want to conform.

With all these styles prevalent during this era, it’s no wonder that people sometimes look to the 80’s when coming up with costume ideas. The possible color and style combinations are endless.

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