Cheerleaders: Eye Candies or Inspirations?

Yes, it’s true that cheerleaders are some of the most beautiful women we get to lay our eyes on. It’s a part of their job to grab the attention of men and women alike, may it be through their beauty, their outfit, their cheers, or their death-defying stunts. It’s unfortunate that society has somewhat degraded the image and value of cheerleaders through the years. I think we have Hollywood to thank for that. Let’s take the movie, “Bring It On” for example.

Like in most movies that have cheerleader characters in them, the actresses in this movie depicted cheerleaders as mean, dumb, bratty individuals that always make others feel that everyone who isn’t a cheerleader is beneath them. Although there may be some cheerleaders who really do act in such a manner, it shouldn’t be generalized that all cheerleaders are like this.

More importantly, men also shouldn’t objectify cheerleaders just because of the outfits that they wear or the demeanor that they portray. Yes, cheerleaders are beautiful, and, dare I say it, sexy, but there’s definitely more to them than just their good looks. They are athletes that put their bodies and lives on the line during their performances just so they may entertain the audience and viewers. We may also never know that some might actually be Einstein-level of genius, or amazing painters, or wonderful daughters to their parents. Unless we get to know who they truly are as people, we shouldn’t immediately judge them just because they’re a cheerleader. Bottom line, we should treat them like we would any other person.

So guys, Halloween’s just a few days away. How will you react the next time you see a beautiful lady wearing a cheerleader costume?


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