Get that look: Electro Swing

Weren’t the 1920s great? Ok, maybe not the poor civil rights record, or the whole ‘Alcohol is illegal’ jam, but the music and the fashion were on fleek.

So, with that in mind, imagine if you could combine the jazz era with the EDM era. Say hello to Caravan Palace, Parov Stelar and a whole host of other musicians who make up the amazingly, eclectic Electro Swing genre.

Trumpets and upright bass aren’t something you’d normally find in an EDM track, and the dress style is every bit weird af as the rest.

This is actually way, waaaay easier to dress for that you might think. Steampunk stuff works pretty well, because it’s that nice fusion of old and new jazz that the whole scene is totally about.

Equally, burlesque is a pretty safe bet, so make sure to check out our range of costumes, because we’ve definitely got what you need to boogie on down to the speakeasy and shake some tail.

We’ve even got some flapper stuff, styled directly on the kind of classy broads who you’d find down at the jazz club.

If a ready-made costume isn’t your jam, then try for something based heavily around the whole corset and stocking combination – not only is it a total classic, but you’ll look like bae as well.

Also, learn to juggle. Don’t ask why, but there always seems to be a buttload of jugglers at Electro Swing events. I guess it’s just one of those things.

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