Dress Up in Confidence this Upcoming Halloween with a Sexy Costume!

Nothing can make a woman feel more confident than a good costume that hugs all the right places, get your sexy costume from SJ Dancewear today!

Sexy Referee Costume


One of the many sexy costumes we carry is the woman’s Sexy Referee costume. The vertical stripes flatter all figures,the short skirt shows legs for days, and there is plenty of opportunity to accessorize with cute hats, fun stiletto boots, and knee-high athletic socks.

Sexy Cop Costume


If a referee costume isn’t for you, try something a little more “official” with a sexy cop costume. The dark color hugging each curve will leave you feeling sultry and in control. This costume can be paired with a lot of accessories and gadgets such as thigh-high boots, whistles, hand cuffs, police hats, batons, and much more.

Sexy Navy Girl


Try something patriotic with this Sexy Navy Girl costume. The nautical color scheme and sailor hat is perfect for Halloween or any of our patriotic holidays such as Independence Day.

As always, don’t forget about the professional theatrical makeup, wigs, and other accessories we offer at SJ Dancewear. Stop by to check out the number of costumes and tips we can share with you!