Bring You Cleopatra Costume to the Next Level with Cobra Eyes

As we discussed a few days ago, a Cleopatra costume is a great choice for a strong, confidant, and beautiful character — but even she can be kicked up a notch with some strong and sexy eye makeup. Yes, we’re talking about cobra eyes.

Cobra Eyes


To begin assembling this strong look, line the eyes with a thick stroke of black eye liner. Be sure to go extra thick below the eyes for a bigger and bolder look. Wing the eye liner from the outer corner of the eye as shown in the picture above.

Next, it’s time to add some color. Gold and blue are part of the Cleopatra look, so it makes sense to use these colors to highlight your peepers as well. Beginning from the inner corner of the eye, start brushing color over the lid beginning with a small area then widening as you approach the outer corner of the eye (see above). Layer the color on in this way starting with gold, then black, then blue, followed by a thin line of gold to end it.

If you’re feeling particularly crafty you can use the eye makeup you’ve already purchased to paint small cobras at the corner of your eyes but you can still get the bold Egyptian look without them. Don’t forget to check out our incredible selection of makeup, we have Kryolan, Ben Nye, and many more costume makeup and paint options that are sure to suit your needs!

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