Walk Like an Egyptian This Halloween in a Cleopatra Costume!

We know it’s early yet, but it’s really never too early to think about what incredible costume you’re going to sport this Halloween! Now is your chance to knock it out of the park and go as someone strong, beautiful, and intriguing…that’s right– we’re talking about the pharaoh Cleopatra herself.


Cleopatra Costume


This sultry but not-too-revealing costume will leave you feeling sexy and confident without being uncomfortable. The white dress is a crisp contrast to the intricate and beautiful embroidery that decorates the shoulders in traditional Egyptian style.

Of course you couldn’t be Cleopatra without the short, sleek, banged black wig with an accompanying set of decorative hair accessories distinct to Egyptian women from the time of Cleopatra and, in fact, a huge component of Cleopatra’s image.

Pair this ensemble with some strappy gold heels or sandals and some arm coils to complete the look and become Cleopatra, a woman who seduced world leaders many times over to protect her land.

There’s always room to go above and beyond and this costume is no exception. Put your costume into high gear with some Cobra eye makeup, stay tuned for the tutorial coming to you in just a few days.

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