What Are Foot Undies and Why Do Experienced Dancers Swear By Them?

You may be asking yourself: Why are so many dancers opting for “foot undies,” and what are they? Stress no more, you’ve come to the right place with all the answers.

Foot Undies
Capezio FootUndeez

Foot undies are a soft, suede soled, fabric half-shoe that lyrical and other typically barefoot dancers use to protect their feet while dancing without losing any range of capabilities. These half-shoes are called foot undies because…well, they look like underwear for your feet.

The thin fabric allows for flexible movement, a sturdy elastic band allows for support and prevents against slippage, and the suede sole helps protect the foot while providing traction for safe and effortless movement.

So why do dancers use these funny looking foot undies? Dancers’ feet are their instruments for the art that they create with every twitch of muscle. Foot undies can help protect their feet from blisters, slipping, and a variety of other potential injuries.

Customer reviews vouch that foot undies are comfortable, economical, and a great purchase for barefoot dancers who want to protect their feet during warm-ups, practicing turns, or even during performances.

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