The Demands Placed on Competitive Dancers and What is Needed to be One

Do you truly have an understanding about the demands placed on competitive dancers and what is needed to be one with the growing popularity and competition?

competitive dance
Competitive Dance Costumes


If you’re a competitive dancer, hats off to to you! You may perform some incredibly difficult and complex movements during the course of your dance routines.

One of the most demanding aspects of the process is that a competitive dancer has to be very fit (not necessarily bulging biceps and an eight-pack), but they have to be in near-perfect physical condition not only to be able to handle 1-3 minutes of nonstop fast movement, but also for the ability to bend and contort their bodies in order to create visually powerful dance routines.

Competitive dancers usually work all year long (aside from holidays and breaks), and they constantly need to be trained to physical perfection in order to maintain their physique and maintain their ability to do certain dance movements that could not be achieved by someone who was out-of-shape.

competitive dance
Competitive Dance Costumes


When training for your dance, competitive dancers need to constantly work on their toughest moves without sacrificing time for other moves. When actually performing the routine, you have to be in near-perfect, if not completely perfect sync, and you cannot miss a beat, otherwise the judges will see this as a mistake.

It’s also important to have the perfect outfit. If your competitive dance team is looking for something original, unique and beautiful, check out our selection at San Jose Dancewear!

Competitive dance, needless to say, is very tough. Are you ready for your next dance tryout? Do you already have your outfit picked out? Come visit San Jose Dancewear for help!


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