The Best Pointe Shoes in the World Right Here in the Bay Area

We don’t mess around when it comes to our dancers’ feet, which is why at San Jose Dancewear, we carry only the best brands of pointe shoes, including So Danca, Bloch, and Capezio.


Pointe Shoes


So Danca serves the ballet community with different styles of pointe shoes, including the Claudia style, which has a long vamp, supportive wings, and a wide platform. Other styles from So Danca include Performance (which is great for dancers with high insteps), Aurora (with comfortable padding on the sole and an incredible heel fit both flat foot and on pointe), and Toshie (specially designed for dancers to easily find their centers).

Bloch’s best-selling Mirella Whisper is lightweight, cushioned at the toes, and has a flexible shank to allow for weight distribution. Other designs include the Hanna pointe shoe (which is designed to help dancers strengthen their feet with its many contact points) and the Balance (the snug fit and wide platform help dancers distribute their weight evenly and stay on point comfortably).

Capezio also has many styles of pointe shoes such as Tiffany (a newly pleated and tapered toe box keeps this shoe quiet on stage and is best for those with a medium width foot with tapered toes), Contempora (similar to the Tiffany, but has a much shorter leather sole), and the Plie II (with a three-quarter box and a wide platform, this fits wide feet with even toes the best).

Don’t make the decision on your own, our expert staff at San Jose Dancewear can help you find the perfect pointe shoe for your expertise, shape, and ability.



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