Renaissance Week Post #4 – Costumes and Accessories for Men

Men have an equal opportunity to don fun costumes and get into character at the 5th Annual San Jose Renaissance Faire. From royalty and knights to blacksmiths and jesters, men have a wide variety of costumes to sport at the medieval event of the year. Check out some costume ideas below and some accessories to pair them with.

Men’s Renaissance Costumes



Whether you want to go as a king or prince, you will find what you need to complete your costume at SJ Dancewear. Plush tunics with tights, velvety cloaks, rings, and a staff will have you feeling as royal as your costume!


Your friends will hear you jingling a mile away with our comical jester outfit and crazy hat. Be sure to pick up tights and some face paint to transform yourself completely.


Though we can’t sell full knight armor, you can still look the part with high-end tunics, capes, and play swords and sheaths.


Perhaps you want to take your costume to a different level, in which case a Blacksmith is a great choice. Come grab some plain pants, a shirt, some gloves, and an apron. Give the costume a finishing touch with some black costume dirt.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at the Faire and in our store to set you up with an amazing outfit!

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