Moving to the Music…and Then Some: Trying Out as a 49ers Cheerleader

cheerleader tryouts
49ers Cheerleader Tryouts


Moving to the Music…and Then Some: Trying out as a 49ers Cheerleader  is not all fun and games, and many cheerleaders take their job very seriously, as the entire cheer squad is part of the team! Here are some important tips from San Jose Dancewear that you need to know in order to get a head start!

  • One of the major factors that are looked for when hiring a cheerleader is how well they you can move to the music…is your timing perfect? Or do you have trouble and miss beats?
  • Another very big concept in cheerleading is teamwork. Cheerleaders cannot give the rest of the squad a backseat to any part of the dance. They have to work in harmony with the team to ensure success.
  • If you are someone who is considering being a cheerleader for the 49ers, you have to be prepared physically and mentally, as performing for a 4-hour NFL game is an endurance test that will slowly get easier to do as you do it more.
cheerleader tryout
Cheerleader Costumes for Rent


  • When it comes to looks, cheerleaders need to be very eye-appealing and having a great look and outfit will help draw everyone’s attention to the cheer squad. come by San Jose Dancewear to find the perfect cheerleader outfit.
  • It should also be known that a good cheerleader is involved in her community, and they speak to everyone professionally, but also with a friendly manner attached.
  • One of the last, and most important things: Cheerleaders need to have a thorough history in the background of dance, in order to confirm to the tryout judges that they have what it takes.

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