How to Choose the Best Ballroom Dance Shoe for Every Need

Dancers are always on their feet, which is why it’s important for them to make sure they buy the right dance shoes; read below for a quick guide on how to find the right shoe.

Ballroom Shoes

Not just any shoe will do: You can’t just stick your precious feet into any old heel, ballroom dance shoes are designed specifically for comfort, movement, and balance so you can skip across the stage as fast as your legs will take you.

Fit is important: When selecting any sort of athletic shoe, especially dance shoes, it’s important that the foot fits properly into the shoe to avoid blisters and other foot injuries. However, fitting into a ballroom dance shoe may seem a bit counter-intuitive since you want the foot to fit as snugly as possible without pinching or hurting the foot. When dancers buy leather shoes it’s suggested that they select s a shoe at least half of a size smaller than normal street shoes so the shoe doesn’t become too loose as it stretches.

Let us help you: We have friendly and knowledgeable associates that can help you pick out exactly what you need. Whether you have an upcoming recital, are taking a new class, or want a shoe for beginners, at San Jose Dancewear you will find everything you need, associates with years of experience, and more.

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