Halloween Makeup Tutorials for Makeup and Costume Masters!

Sometimes you just want to show off your skill with a makeup brush and Halloween is the perfect time to do it! Not all of us have the vision and ability to create works of art on our faces, but for those of you who can, check out the tutorials below for some amazing makeup ideas for your costume this year!

Legit Zombie

We don’t want to see any of this “sexy zombie” stuff here, we want gory, scary, and creepy zombies. The tutorial below will walk you through exactly how to create this masterpiece. You can stop at the face or go all out and complete your shoulders as well!

Scary Clown

If you don’t have the time or the money to get the supplies for the realistic zombie makeup above, try something equally as creepy but much more simple and construct a scary clown! This option has fewer and bolder details so the creation is much simpler.

Don’t forget that you can get all of this makeup and the costumes to go with it at any of our locations in San Jose, Marin, or Santa Cruz. We have professional¬†brands so you put nothing but the best materials on your sensitive face. Stop in and see us for some tips, ideas, accessories, costumes, and tons of fun new makeup!

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