Get Your Individualized Pointe Shoes at San Jose Dancewear

Just like every dancer is different, every foot is different, which means one type of pointe shoe is not going to work for every ballet dancer. At San Jose Dancewear we understand dancers, which is why we carry a number of different styles, brands, and types of pointe shoes. Ballet is hard enough on your feet already, let us help you reduce some of the risk and pain you may experience by using the wrong shoe.

We carry only the best and most trusted brands of pointe shoes from vendors such as Grishko, Bloch, and Capezio.

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Grishko employs cobblers who create each pointe shoe by hand and their shoes contain only natural materials. Bloch has been making pointe shoes since 1932 and can be found on professional dancers and amateurs alike. Capezio is a popular brand with many dancers and athletes and has been featured in magazines such as Vogue.

Like we’ve said, each foot is different and it’s crucial you find something with the appropriate fit for you and your style. Come in to one of our locations in San Jose or Marin to get a professional pointe shoe fitting and advice from one of our many dance experts!

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