Get Your Basic Ballroom Dance Shoes for Beginners in the Bay Area Today

There’s no need to spend a fortune on four different kinds of ballroom shoes, get your basic ballroom dance shoes that are designed for beginners in the Bay Area today! These beginner dance shoes are perfect for any ballroom genre and a great way to test out new classes without having to spend loads of money on new apparel.

Basic Ballroom Shoe


So what makes a shoe a basic ballroom dance shoe? Basic ballroom dance shoes are designed to be suitable for multiple types of dance from the tango to the Viennese Waltz. Beginner shoes are perfect for those who are just getting familiar with dance and want to try a bit of everything without having to commit to specific shoes for each class that are potentially pricey.

Basic ballroom shoes should be comfortable, sturdy, flexible, and supportive with a thick heel. Many people, women especially, think they are ready for the thin, sexy heels that they see in the movies but this can be potentially dangerous for them as they learn different steps and move in ways that they’re not used to.

SJ Dancewears is offering beginner ballroom dance shoes again for anyone who is interested in trying a professional class, dancing as an activity on a cruise, or even just spending some one on one time with a significant other by trying something new. Stop in today for a professional fitting!


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