Get the Comfort and Support of Two Piece Leotards at SJ Dancewear

Get the support of a full leotard under your cheer leading outfit or costume with a variety of cute two piece leotards at San Jose Dancewear.

Two Piece Leotard

Two piece leotards are great for practice and performance. The tight breathable fabric molds to the body so dancers can focus on their movement as opposed to focusing on their clothing. The design and sturdy fabric lends support to dancers so they can dance in comfort.

Two piece leotards come in a variety of colors and designs so dancers can express themselves and their personalities with clothing and movement!

These leotards are perfect for cheerleaders and dancers with two piece costumes. The leotards fit discreetly beneath the dance outfits to lend coverage in the event of wardrobe malfunction, offer support during difficult maneuvers, and even offer warmth. The snug fit will prevent chafing, riding, and misalignment to help dancers focus on what’s important.

These two piece leotards are a great choice for more than just dancers, they can be worn to the gym, they’re great for running, and are an ideal choice for gymnasts who could use the support during tumbling, bars, and other feats of physics.

Stop by and check out our selection of fun and comfortable two piece leotards as well as other dancewear from brands such as MotionWear, Danskin, Body Wrappers, and more!


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