Get Creepy in the Bay Area! Creating Burns and Bruises for Halloween

There’s nothing creepier and spookier than realistic wounds and bruises created with theatrical makeup, stop by San Jose Dancewear and check out our selections from Kryolan, Ben Nye, and Mehran!


Fake Burn


To get started creating a burn, first stop by the grocery store! That’s right, one of the easiest ways to set a rough base for the burn is by using gelatin. Then pick up some red lipstick and mascara and you’re ready to get started! Begin by mixing the gelatin with warm water and pour it on the section of your skin you want to appear burnt. Dab some mascara and red lipstick semi-randomly across the burn for a charred and raw look. Let it dry and you’re done!


Fake Bruise


For bruises, pick up some eye shadow or theatrical face paint that has yellow, green, red, and purple. First add the yellow at the base of the bruise, extending it as far as you want the bruise to go. Then add green up to a half inch or so from where the yellow ends and do the same with red and purple, but create spots of concentrated reds as well. Check out Radmegan’s step-by-step directions for help and pictures!

Check out more costumes, accessories, and makeup from San Jose Dancewear to complete your Halloween costume!

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