Don’t Miss the All-Star Dance Challenge in San Jose on August 29, 2015!

Summer is just around the corner and you won’t want to miss this year’s All-Star Dance Challenge in San Jose on August 29th!

All-Star Dance Competition


The All-Star Dance Challenge is a wonderful chance for the dancers to be the stars! The competition is scheduled to take place at the Historical San Jose City National Civic Auditorium, which seats over 2,000 people! Additional event details are below:

  • All four styles of dance are available from amateur to pro-am
  • The event is geared toward encouraging a love and passion for dance among all age groups and it is unique in featuring everyone from small children and adolescents to adults and seniors
  • The event will feature prize money for winners and finalists
  • There will be many vendors at the competition so dancers can have the first pick of some of the latest dancewear from companies large and small

At San Jose Dancewear & Costumes, we encourage everyone to pursue their interest in dance and get involved in any way that they can. Be sure to stop by to browse our selection of beautiful ballroom dance shoes, makeup, accessories, tights, leotards, and beautiful dance outfits.

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