Dance Clothes Turned Street Fashion – Re-purpose Your Leotards!

Dance fashion is continuing to influence street fashion with leotards becoming more and more popular as everyday clothes, stop in to Santa Cruz Dancewear to check out our wide variety of leotards that complement a number of outfits.


Leotard Fashion
Leotard Summer Fashion


Not sure how to wear leotards with your existing wardrobe? No problem. Check out some ideas below to stay ahead of this popular fashion trend.

1. Pair a short sleeved leotard/bodysuit with a pair of shorts, capris, or jeans. The snug fit accentuates body shapes while lending a smoothing affect at the same time. You don’t have to worry about your shirt riding up either with the controlled fit, making this look great for physical activities or just relaxing.

Leotard Fashion 2
Sexy Leotard Fashion
Leotard Fashion 3
Ballet Fashion

2. Make the look even sexier by selecting a low cut back and an A-line skirt. The leotard has a slimming affect, different from billowy or bulky blouses that make you look bigger than you actually are. Really show off your shape with a high waistline and solid leotard color.

3. Ballet inspired fashion is increasing along with other dancewear. To get this prima ballerina look you can pair any tank leotard with a pair of shorts and a cover up. This look is classy, clean, and simple.

Don’t wait to stock your wardrobe with these fun, colorful, flattering, and sexy additions. Stop by and see as at Santa Cruz Dancewear for a look at our vast selection and find something that strikes your fancy!


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