Celebrate Your Dance Fever with a Disco Costume in San Jose!

For a fun and simple costume for your next party, head to San Jose Dancewear to pick up your disco outfit, accessories, platform shoes, and wig! With only a few key components, a disco dancer costume is quick, easy, and a timeless classic.

Disco Costume
Sexy Disco Costume


San Jose Dancewear has a number of fun bell bottom pants, a staple in any disco costume. Don’t forget the hair! A recognizable style of the disco era was full Afros, and San Jose Dancewear has a number of wigs that will complement your costume wonderfully.

Top off your costume with standard disco platform shoes and some key accessories, such as, long necklaces, and chunky belts. Feel free to make the costume a little sexier with a teased wig, short dress, loose sleeves, and a pair of knee high go-go boots.

We have a variety of disco costumes so you can buy or rent exactly what you need . Don’t forget to stop by San Jose Dancewear to check out the endless choices of makeup, accessories, and costume ideas we have.


Get your Saturday night or any dance night fever on!







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