Booty Shorts and Other Fun Dance Attire at San Josethroughout the year Dancewear

Dancers put in a lot of hard work in classes, rehearsals, and recitals throughout the year so it is important that they are comfortable, confident, and secure.

Booty Shorts


Booty shorts are made from light, breathable fabric which allows dancers to move in comfort, stay cool, and focus on the moves rather than the clothes. The design of the shorts is perfect for girls to feel confident and be able to really see the way their bodies move without the veiling of costumes and outfits so they can nail each and every step.

We carry many types of booty shorts for dancers at SJ Dancewear. We have a variety of sizes, designs, cuts, and colors so each dancer can express herself and her personality with unique-to-her booty shorts. Animal print, neon colors, slimming black, and polka dots are just a few of the many unique designs we carry.

As with all of our dancewear, we carry only the best brands including SoDanca, Danskin, and much more. Be sure to stop by before dance season begins and check out our racks of booty shorts to choose from in any of our locations in San Jose, Marin, and Santa Cruz.

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