Adult Women’s School Costumes: Why Is It Always Depicted as Sexy?

Normally, when we imagine female elementary school students in their uniforms, we imagine cute little kids running around in the playground with their classmates playing a game of tag or hide and seek. These are kids smiling and laughing with one another, enjoying the prime of their youth. There’s nothing wrong with that image, right? When did it become so vulgar? This article may come off as odd, but I wanted to find out why school costumes worn by adult women are always sexy in form, and if such practices should continue on.


Strangely enough, I feel that the root cause for such a depiction of schoolgirl costumes stems from one mental concept: innocence. As pure as this concept is, men have given innocence a meaning so ironic that its very essence has changed when applied to women of age. Depending on the circumstance, men think that innocent-looking women are very seductive and sexually desirable. Why is that so? Since when has innocence become so risqué?


Sadly, there are women who do like the attention received when wearing sexy schoolgirl uniforms. That’s not to say that these women aren’t respectable, but it just doesn’t aid in keeping the integrity of innocence. Hopefully one day this will change for women’s sake.


Alicja Pietrucha (R) and her mother Ilona are seen on their way to primary school on June 14, 2013 Kuligow, Poland. AFP PHOTO/JANEK SKARZYNSKI (Photo credit should read JANEK SKARZYNSKI/AFP/Getty Images)

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